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Thread Theory: Jutland Pants

This month for Instagram’s “sewvember” I have been sewing a little every night, and I am so surprised at how many garments I’m churning out!

My husband (Joel) needed a new pair of jeans. I’ve already previously made him the Thread Theory Jedadiah pants several times (unblogged) and they turned out great, so I thought Id give the Jutland pants a go.

They are a wider fit pant, and come with options for extra-strong work wear-type pants. I used the patch pockets, and went with version one.


They came together really quickly, (I must be getting better, first pair of jeans I made for Joel took me forever!) and I’m really happy with the results.Β  They’re by no means perfect, but I’ve improved so that’s a step in the right direction!

I cut a size 36, and made no other alterations. I meant to cut them a little longer, but forgot! Thankfully they are long enough, as my husband is 6’3.

For the pocket design, I showed Joel the pdf file I was emailed from Closet case patterns when I signed up for their email (its great, it includes so many awesome back pocket designs that you can print and use), and he picked my least favorite…. of course!

But I try to remember that they’re his jeans….even though he will never see the back pockets, and I will!!


The denim I purchased from Spotlight. It was the heaviest weight I could find (by feel, they don’t list the weight on their denim) and I used the top stitching thread that came in a jeans-making kit I purchasedΒ from Closet case. I love the colour of the topsitching! (My son walked past just as I was taking the photo!)


Theyre finished off with some hammered rivets and a jeans button, all of which I purchased from eBay. They were really cheap, and the quality is great.


Joel happy with them, and has already worn them several times.

I love making jeans.