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Style Arc: Simone Cardigan

I’ve had my eye on the Style Arc Simone cardigan for so long now! Ever since I saw THIS version. I love it. Everything from the pleated pockets to the colour.
So of course, I shamelessly set out to copy it. No regrets!


I found this ochre coloured merino knit (200gsm) from The Fabric Store, Online. Its a gorgeous fabric, super soft, and breathes (love natural fibers!). I prewashed this in my washing machine on my normal cycle, and it washed really well with hardly any shrinkage.

I’d heard that Style Arc patterns have little in the way of instructions, which made me a little hesitant, and while that IS true, what they have is more than sufficient to work with. (AND if you purchase through their online store instead of their etsy store, you will get a free pattern! Stay tuned for the Maude!)

I took my time sewing this pattern, and I loved every second of it. It’s so satisfying to make something well. I didn’t want to buy matching threads for my overlocker, so I used a small zigzag on my machine to finish the seams.
I also applied ribbon to the shoulder seams to prevent this lovely fabric from stretching out.


I hand-basted nearly all of the seams first to ensure the fabric didn’t slip and move under my machine and create puckers. I’m glad I did. Not only did I avoid puckers, but the neck-band sits lovely and flat. No stretching here!

Being 4 months post baby when I made this (she is 5 months now), I’m still trying to lose a bit of baby podge that is still hanging around. I cut a size 14 (I’m normally a size 10-12) because Im quite broad across the shoulders. It sits in the right place across my shoulders, but I do think I could’ve got down a size around the waist, I feel as though there is a lot of extra fabric there.


Since these photos were taken, I’ve top-stitched around the front edge to stop the inside flipping out.

Next time I think I’ll also take an inch or so off the length. I had read that it sews up quite long, but at 5’9 that’s generally a good thing, but this IS long. Just a little bit too long for where I like my cardigans to sit. I would just take some off the bottom, but with the pleat forming the pocket, it can’t be done now. I’ll have to remove some length from the middle of the pattern before I cut any fabric next time.


Despite these small issues, I love it. The merino is so lovely to wear, I love the interesting pockets, and the ochre colour goes well with a lot of things, including jeans, which is what I live in pretty much 80% of the time.